Altitude Extreme Sports was formed in September of 2018 by a group of extreme athletes looking to give back to the extreme sports community by creating gear and apparel with top of the line quality and design. We plan to sell gear for snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing along with clothing and accessories for all three sports like snow jackets, wetsuits, and t-shirts. We also plan on selling small vacation packages that would be any extreme athlete’s dream to go on, where people can go to exotic and extreme environments to do the sport they love, and in some cases get an opportunity to learn more about it from some of the best extreme athletes in the world like Sean White and Tony Hawk.


Street 20 Brook Street

West Sayville, NY 11796                                    Sister Company

                                                                         G Flash Music Production, WEST SAYVILLE, NY, USA

(631) 244-6600


Altitude Extreme Sports is a Virtual Enterprise International firm.

The website is used for educational purpose only.

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